After a long time away, we're back!

Me and David have been taking a little hiatus from Retroformer over the last couple of months, we're both students and so have been caught up in slightly more pressing matters.

However, we're back now and have a little news to talk about.

Since our last proper update in December, we've undertaken a huge code restructure of the majority of our systems behind Retroformer, including the UI rendering, physics and animation/atlasing.  All of this is to provide both a better experience to the user and to make it easier for us to plug in new features and port the game to new platforms.

With this in the final stages of completion, we're beginning work on the next iteration of editor UI (the old one was a bit slapdash and by no means worked well) and will build that as our new v0.1.1.  This means we'll push our planned features back one step, but the game will start to get a feel of polish much sooner.

Be sure to keep an eye out on our DevBlog since we'll
hopefully be periodically postiing updates there from now on.  Also keep an eye on our Twitter (see signiture) because there might be some sneak peaks of the new UI we're building up.

As a final thing, we're looking for a little group of people to act as an internal testing team (something we've experimented with but not really done properly since we stopped openly releasing builds) and also anyone experienced in making chiptune (8-bit) music.

Thanks for reading!

So, it's been a while since we've released an update, so we're going to get that out of the way now!  We've been quite busy over the last month, and plagued with hardware problems, but since that's now behind us we can get back on schedule with our projects.

Hey guys!

Guess what?  You can now download, play and rate the Retroformer alpha on IndieCity!
We'll be using IndieCity for all our PC builds from now on, and you can download them free until the beta!

Please download, rate, share, tell your friends - it means so much to us!

Today we've just released the alpha (v0.1.0) of Retroformer!  

You can play it here.

Thanks for looking! :)
Yesterday I added a section on the site for free downloads.  There are currently 2 items there, both are Retroformer wallpapers.  More will come soon.

Today marks the launch of the first items of our store, which will be available at our Spreadshirt shop, here.

Currently we have 4 items but we plan on adding a whole lot more soon.
Thanks to my friend Rich for pointing me in the direction of Spreadshirt.
From today, we're going dark on RoboFrenzy until we have a full demo to show.  You've seen the sort of game we're working on and we'll continue to show things in our DevBlogs, but this is the end of the constant updates for the time being.





Welcome to the DevBlog, and our new website!  We'll be packing it full of updates to Retroformer and RoboFrenzy, so keep checking back.

Additionally, we'll be DevBlogging about various things as time goes on.

Stay tuned!